Day 16 of my fight back with mental health.

Ok so I’m still up and enjoying life (at the moment). “At the moment” is important to remember, because I won’t always feel this brave or confident to talk about stuff so, ATM is an important reminder for me.

I’m almost at 2.5 weeks. I’ve tried everything and I will always try everything once. Always been open minded with everything. Point is that the new App I downloaded, Headspace has helped me hugely in calming and slowing down, reminding me my memory is total shit and keeping me on the right path. However, what works for one, doesn’t always work for another.
I’ve found myself actually making time to sit and think, meditate if you will. I can’t stress enough how important making a 5 or 10 minute break in your day just to think about yourself, it is. You have to make time for your own reflections and comfort yourself if you aren’t happy, or pat yourself on the back if you’ve only achieved the slightest thing you hadn’t done the day or week previously.

Ok, well I promised myself I’d let you all in a little bit further today because I’m feeling so good.

I am diagnosed with PTSD, EUPD (as a direct result of PTSD) Chronic Depression (although you wouldn’t think it right now) and manic Anxiety. I’m very happy to report right now that apart from the odd night terrors/mares, none of the above have been prevalent lately.

Now, I’m letting you all in here too. I have a new love interest. I have been an open book and she’s been unflinchable. She’s a very strong woman and Spanish so no wonder there’s fire in her belly. However, as we’ve been talking I’ve found that automatically my behaviour has changed. I’m taking care of myself, in fact Turkish barbers tomorrow. I’m caring about my living conditions, I spring cleaned yesterday, even washed the bloody curtains. There is something to be said about having somebody close in your life, it makes a difference and I wasn’t even looking. Whomever prayed for it the pub is on me!! I’m taking her to the New forest on Thursday so keep your fingers crossed for me!

I’ve taken enough of your time today so I’m signing off and smiling like a kid on Christmas Eve. Much love!

Till next time


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