It is with great pleasure and huge amount of pride that I announce my joining the ranks of M.I.N.T, Men In Need Together. Together we aim to help as many men as possible find their voice and show them that it really is ok to not be ok and that there’s lot’s of help available, if and when it’s needed. I’m going to be opening the Weymouth branch in Dorset, this is truly going to be a battle, but not unspoken, this battle WILL be talked about. If you are in need of support, it’s very simple, send me a message on the form at the bottom of the page and then I’ll take care of the rest! Dan

The primary reason why I speak up about my daily life with mental health problems is that I want to break the stigma and silence. I want to show other men that it’s now socially acceptable for us to speak up about what’s on our minds and it’s ok! People care and we don’t need to worry anymore. I’m living proof. I didn’t just talk to friends, I’ve opened up to the world! All you have to do is use that courage that’s hiding inside of you to speak up, make one call or talk to one person (preferably a professional). you’re going to be fine, it DOES get better I promise, because I know…

Dan 25th June 2019

After 4 years of suicide and self harm, it only took a very well timed, brief conversation with the right peson for me ro turn it around and chart my journey through blogging…

Dan, 2019

About the author

Dan was born on April 30th 1979 at Winchester Hospital in Hampshire. He was born into a forces family moved around quite a lot during his childhood. Living in many places including Germany, Cyprus and for an extended period, Dover to attend The Duke of York’s Royal Military School. A boarding school steeped in tradition for children of both serving and ex armed forces personnel, with the School motto being ‘Son’s Of The Brave’. Whilst at the school you had no choice but to grow up very quickly, the Masters and the senior students helped you achieve this whether you liked it or not. Most of all it’s where Dan learn to look after himself, learnt manners and to be a gentleman, whilst enjoying a great education. At this time it was an all boys school however, the year Dan left it became co-ed. From here Dan went on to make many achievements in life, all of which you will read about in his blogs.

Unfortunately, Dan also suffers with mental health problems. Having been diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), emotionally unstable personality disorder (EUPD), chronic depression and hypersensitive anxiety. As a result of these, every single day is it constant battle or him.

For the last 4 years he has been on complete self-destruct leading to suicide ideology and many failed attempts, daily self harm, section 136 by the police many times for his own safety and numerous stays on the psych ward. So his experiences hit home with many people, which is why he has such a loyal following. He’ll be detailing every aspect of his recovery including all treatments that he’s trying, medications, coping strategies, what works for him and what doesn’t work for him. all of the highs and lows written as they happen with brutal honesty.

He speaks up about these experiences and about his daily life to achieve one thing mainly. To break the stigma and silence surrounding people and their mental well-being. Proving that it is ok to speak up and that there is nothing to fear, there are other options to suicide, it’s now socially acceptable for people to not be ok! Although Dans primary objective raise awareness and help any person that puts their hand up and asks!

Dan is available to be booked to speak at events, group sessions and you can even get him on the phone if you are having a particularly hard time and need to speak to somebody.

The Duke of York’s Royal Military School ’92. 12 years old, back row dead centre.

A few things that I get up to include…

  • Mental health blogger
  • Motivational speaker
  • Advocate
  • Crisis councillor and management
  • Therapist
  • Positive living guru
  • All round nice guy

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